Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 36: Scattered

1. occurring or distributed over widely spaced and irregular intervals of time or space.
2. lacking orderly continuity.

My thoughts and emotions (and what seems like my entire life now) seem to be a good definition of scattered.  Now that I'm done with teaching for the summer I want to try and get my life back in order and really focus on loving myself.  

I've made some goals for myself this summer.  One of which is to teach myself how to paint.  I've done quite a bit of drawing but not much painting and thought it was about time to try it.  Today, in one of my moments of feeling "scattered," I busted out my paints and thought, "Why not start today?" 

This was the outcome:

Day 35: Helpful

1. Providing assistance; useful.

AY with his new glasses.  I love this kid!  He's such a help to me when I need to have my spirits lifted.

Day 34: Thankful

1. Aware and appreciative of a benefit; grateful
2. Expressive of gratitude.

Thankful for hiking trips with good friends to great places.
Friends: Patrice and Neisah
Place: Stewart Falls

Waterfall at Lu-shan

Sunlight streams on the river stones.
From high above, the river steadily plunges--

three thousand feet of sparkling water--
the MIlky Way pouring down from heaven.

-- Li Po

Day 33: Curious

1. Eager to learn more.
2. Unduly inquisitive; prying.
3. Arousing interest because of novelty or strangeness.
4. Archaic
        a. Accomplished with skill or ingenuity.
        b. Extremely careful; scrupulous.

I find it curious that you can find some great advice in the strangest places.  Even in a fortune cookie from  a 10:34 p.m. run to Panda Express.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 32: Sweet

1. Having the taste of sugar or a substance containing or resembling sugar, as honey or saccharin.
2.  a. Containing or derived from sugar.
     b. Retaining some natural sugar; not dry.
3.  a. Pleasing to the senses; agreeable.
     b. Pleasing to the mind of feelings; gratifying.
4. Having a pleasing disposition; lovable.
5. Kind; gracious.
6. Fragrant; perfumed.
7. Not saline or salted.
8. Not spoiled, sour, or decaying; fresh.
9. Free of acid or acidity.
10. Low in sulfur content.
11. Music Of, relating to, or being a form of jazz characterized by adherence to a melodic line and to a
      time signature.
12. Used as an intensive.

My boyfriend, Lee, surprised me by showing up to the school I teach at and brought me some beautiful flowers.  It was so sweet!

Day 31: Lively

1. Full of life and energy; vigorous.
2. Full of spirit; gay and animated.
3. Marked by animated intelligence.
4. Invigorating; refreshing.
5. Effervescent; sparkling.
6. Keen; brisk.
7. Rebounding readily upon impact; resilient.

Cliff jumping at Deer Creek.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 30: Filthy

1. Covered or smeared with filth; disgustingly dirty.
2. Obscene; scatological.
3. Vile; nasty.

We hiked the Y for FHE yesterday and when I got back I noticed that my hiking sandals we a little dirty and decided that it is my goal to get them FILTHY this summer.  So here is some photos from the first of hopefully many hiking trips to happen this summer.